'White Chicks 2' in the works according to Marlon Wayans!

If there's one thing the world needs more that Terry Crews singing 'A Thousand Miles' it's another White Chicks movie!

In a new interview with TRL, Marlon Wayans, who played Kevin Copeland and co-wrote the film with his two brothers, said there's a real possibility of them making a sequel.

While talking about the possibility, Marlon said:

Is White Chicks 2 happening anytime soon? I don’t know. But there’s been a lot of rumblings happening,” he said. A lot of people want us to do it. So me and my brothers have been talking. So if things go right, we hope to do a White Chicks 2

There's no word yet about what the film might be about, but that hasn't stopped us (and the rest of the world by the looks of things) from freaking out!