'White Chicks 2' in the works according to Marlon Wayans!

scandal 05/03/2018

If there's one thing the world needs more that Terry Crews singing 'A Thousand Miles' it's another White Chicks movie!

In a new interview with TRL, Marlon Wayans, who played Kevin Copeland and co-wrote the film with his two brothers, said there's a real possibility of them making a sequel.

While talking about the possibility, Marlon said:

Is White Chicks 2 happening anytime soon? I don’t know. But there’s been a lot of rumblings happening,” he said. A lot of people want us to do it. So me and my brothers have been talking. So if things go right, we hope to do a White Chicks 2

There's no word yet about what the film might be about, but that hasn't stopped us (and the rest of the world by the looks of things) from freaking out!