Zara are finally opening an online store for NZ!

scandal 21/02/2018

This does not sound good for our bank account...

Zara's first store in NZ opened up in 2016 and since then there's been all sorts of rumours about the store popping up in more places around the country.

Even though we don't know if those rumours are true yet, what we do know is an online store is coming!

We don't know when it'll be here but they've teased the online store on their website saying 'it's coming'

First Retail Group managing director, Chris Wilkinson, says the online store will "help them reach into areas where Zara is not yet represented, or will never be represented".

"It's about reaching those aspirations consumers in the provinces, or even the cities where maybe Zara is just a bit concerned about committing to store space".

We can't wait!