Watch Justin Timberlake's insane banger-filled Superbowl halftime show

scandal 05/02/2018

How good is this!

America's biggest sporting event for the year has just kicked off but tbh there's only two reasons we watch the Superbowl: The multi million dollar ads, and the half time show.

This year Justin Timberlake had the whole world watching and he did not dissappoint!

His set was jamm packed with all his best songs like 'Senerita' and 'Sexy Back' plus off his new album, 'Filthy'.

One of the big questions though, was 'Who's going to be joining him?' and after lots of rumours, he had a massive hologram of Prince and also turned the stadium and city purlpe in his honour.

But as great as JT was, we'll never forget the greatest halftime show of all time...