Toto reveal their biggest regret about their song "Africa"


Africa is a tune that you hear everywhere and it's been 35 years!

The internet has brought the tune a second life - there's even a Twitter account called ‘Africa by Toto Bot’ tweets lyrics from the song every three hours. 

“It boggles my mind that it has these social media legs,” keyboardist and co-songwriter David Paich, now 63, told The Post. “It makes me laugh, smile and cry from happiness.”

But Paich admits to feeling some embarrassment about the song’s video, which features very literal and crude imagery of Africa. “If I could have a redo on Toto’s career, I would probably redo the video.”

A lot of people probably haven't seen the video so it's not putting anyone off. Especially young people.

“God bless the young people who are getting into us,” says Lukather, 60. “Come see us; we’re a bunch of old guys but we still play pretty good!”