Tom from "Queer Eye" is no longer with Abby and we're crying

scandal 01/03/2018

If you've seen Queer Eye on Netflix, you probably remember Tom Jackson from the first ep "You Can't Fix Ugly".

You know? Cute old man who wears jorts and drinks Redneck Margaritas?

And you'll also remember that Tom was in love with Abby, his third and most recent ex wife.

He invited her to his car show at the end of the week and the date went really well! They even set up another date and the episode ended with us feeling hopeful for the couple!

Well, Tom has taken to Twitter to clarify that he and Abby are no longer together (but she will always be the love of his life).

Netflix confirmed that this is Tom's actual account. We are actual crying.

And in case you weren't ugly crying just yet, pretty much all he did before that was tweet pictures of her.

Well this is the worst.