the new show being called 'Best Horror TV Series Ever'


If you've already binged 'American Horror Story' or 'Black Mirror' we've found what you should add to your list next...

'Channel Zero' is SyFy's latest show that looks absolutely terrifying. Well, we say latest but it already has 3 season and we don't know how we're so late to the party!

The series premise is 'creepypasta' which is a trend where writes create online urban legends like Slenderman. You defs need to start from the beginning though because each series is based on a different, but just as scary, story. 

Chris Evangelista, from Slash Film, says:

"Channel Zero may not generate the same sort of buzz and hype as American Horror Story, but it continues to stand shoulders above its competition. Here is a show that understands the machinations of horror.

A show that realizes there’s more to creating something scary than just referencing horror movies from the past.

True fear lurks in the imagination and Channel Zero knows exactly how to work its way inside your subconscious and run wild.

It’s remains the best horror series on television right now"

And he isn't alone in thinking it's the best horror TV show, with one Twitter user saying it's "scary as hell".