The insane amount Caramilk is being sold online for in AUS

scandal 08/02/2018

When Cadbury brought back Cadbury Caramilk in 2017, a decade after it was last produced, the golden, creamy blend of caramelised white chocolate sold out in just three weeks. Now the chocolate is back on the shelves, demand is still soaring!

But it's not just Kiwis who are eager to get a piece of the chocolate. Aussies have started paying huge amounts online (on sites like Ebay) for the sweet treat.

At a supermarket in NZ the chocolate will probably cost you around $4, but online Aussies are selling it for as much as $100!

Photo credit: Ebay

It also seems that a lot of the people selling the chocolate are actually Kiwis who have found an easy way to make a quick buck!

"I am selling Caramilk Chocolate in bulks of 5 for $100 per lot. All the way from NZ I have plenty!" one person wrote on their auction.

But Aussies may not to have to wait long before they don't have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for it.

"Due to popular demand across the ditch, a small amount of Cadbury Caramilk will also be available in Australian stores shortly after it's released in New Zealand."

Photo credit: Ebay