Redheads and baldies will soon have their very own Emojis!


Redheads and bald people, this is for you.

Gingers and baldies need to be frustrated no more when they look for an emoji that represents them because Emoji 11.0 is coming.

Unicode has designed 157 new emoji characters, including an entire range of "people" emojis with red hair, white hair, curly hair and even no hair. Each emoji also comes in different skin tones for both male and female characters, and in addition to ordinary folks, there's brand new super humans and villains to choose from. 

That's not all though. There will also be skateboards, basballs and more. The animal category is getting bigger too with a hippo, peacock, parrot, llama, kangaroo, swan, raccoon and lobster coming. 

There's also gonna be more food! Magoes, bagels, salt and cupcakes!

Unicode 11.0 is set for a June release date, but won't officially be available from big companies like Apple, Google, Twitter and Microsoft for a few months as modifications are made.