NZ's longest-married couple shares how they've stayed together so long


If you're waiting for your partner to pop the question, or you've already tied the knot, one couple has shared their secret to a lasting marriage.

And no, these aren't some of those 'love experts' you see on MAFS, these guys are the real deal after being married for 83 years!

For the third year in a row, Jeram and Ganga Ravji have scored the title of being the longest married couple in NZ and according to Newshub, the one simply reason they've been able to stick it out so long is tolerance.

Mrs Ravji said the couple had their ups and downs "but you have to live with it and work through it"

Along with living and working through their ups and downs, the couple also grew to accept the sacrifices they had to make which they're scared young couples aren't as capable of making today.

So if you're wanting to stick it out in your relationship too and take out the title of NZ's longest married couple, tolerance is key.