Everything you need to know about MAFS NZ Season 2

scandal 15/02/2018

Get ready for Season 2 of Married At First Sight NZ! 

It's been a big day for Three after announcing they're starting a brand new tv channel called ThreeLife which will play shows like Married At First Sight USA but as good as that show will be, there's another we're most excited about.

Today it was confirmed Married At First Sight will be coming back to Three for a second season after saying it was 'It’s the show that New Zealand can’t get enough of!'

Last year we couldn't get enough of the show especially with all the drama going on between the couple *cough* Lacey *cough*...

The show worked its magic for Angel and Brett though who're the only couple put together on the show who are still together.

SEE MORE: MAFS NZ Brett & Angel talk about getting re-married after the show. 

Same as Season 1, the new series will feature 12 new kiwis looking to find love and do so with the whole of NZ watching. 

Three hasn't said when we can expect the new series to be released by has said a call for participants will be made soon so if you've thought of going on the show, you'll have the chance soon!