MAFS AU couple have the most awkward date of all time

scandal 15/02/2018

If you spent Valentine's Day alone, you can now feel thankful after seeing the trainwreck that was the beach date between Troy and Ashley on Wednesday night's episode of Married At First Sight Australia. 

IT worker Troy Delmege has quickly become one of the 'villains' of the current season, known for bizarre behaviour like eating tuna from a can, and aggressively brushing his teeth with toothpaste foam streaming down his chin. 

Now viewers are even more disturbed, after he and new wife Ashely Irvin had one of the most awkward dates of all time, resulting in a cringe-worthy kiss. 

Troy went into the date clearly expecting things to move forward between him and his new wife, while only earlier in the episode, Ashley expressed her relief that things were moving at a slow pace.  

When Troy, rubbing Ashley's thigh, asked how she was feeling, she responded, "I'm so relaxed" in a way that conveyed to viewers she wasn't very relaxed at all. 

They discussed some more about how mutually glad they were things were moving slowly, before Troy announced he kept "falling more in love with you". 

It was then Troy went in to passionately kiss his blonde bride, leading to her recoiling in horror and saying, "You're coming on way too strong!"

"You're just a bit too keen for me at the moment. Stop it. Just give me a moment," she added. 

Rather than be apologetic for his actions, Troy made it clear he was unhappy with Ashley's reaction. 

"I was quite disappointed. I thought she overreacted, I just thought she set us back in our relationship," he complained.