MAFS' Troy's sister reveals he's a 35-year-old virgin

scandal 27/02/2018

Troy Delmenge's sister, Tanya, didn't hold back when she spoke to NW, spilling family secrets. But a pressing question was about his sexual experience status.

The sister confessions follow accusations made by Summer, the sister of Troy's MAFS wife Ashley Irwin, that Troy was a trained actor. "As much as Troy is a goofball he is also a fantastic actor who is currently doing an excellent job in carving his path for a future in TV," Summer ranted on Instagram.

But Troy's sister Tanya says this is far from the truth and it's Ash who's chasing fame.

"Girlfriend, no! He is not an actor," Tanya tells us.

"I think Ashley's on (Married at First Sight) for different reasons than Troy. Troy feels like Ash definitely wants to be famous."

Tanya actually thinks Ash is the "complete opposite" of what Troy asked for.

So she's not surprised that in the end he appeared to move on with another MAFS bride Carly.

Will Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer will live happily ever after then?

"They have some social differences… Troy's very churchy actually and as far as I know he's on the V plates," Tanya confessed.

"The view of my family is that they need to overcome their social differences, which are very significant.".