Kylie Jenner gives birth to a baby girl

scandal 05/02/2018


After Months of reading theories and conspiracies about whether or not Kylie Jenner is pregnant, she's finally revealed the truth today and drum roll please.....

She is!

But not only is she pregnant, she's all ready given birth saying on Insta this morning "My beautiful and healthy girl arrived Febuary 1st".

The baby news comes after months of friends and family playing it cool over the pregnancy rumours which Kylie says was because her pregnancy was 'one I chose not to do infront of the world'

According to E! News, Kylie hasn't yet decided on a name but considering how long we've waiting to find out if she was pregnant or not, we're not expecting to hear anything for awhile.

For now though, all we can say is congrats to Kylie and Travis and NO MORE PREGNANCY RUMOURS!