Geordie Shore's Vicky says why she hated herself on the show

scandal 28/02/2018

In an emotional new interview, Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has revealed she "hated" herself for having sex on camera while filming the reality show.

Pattison is currently filming Australian reality show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here, where she and other celebrities live in the African jungle, competing in challenges. 

In the show's 'Jungle Radio' segment, the seasoned reality television star cried while reflecting on her time on Geordie Shore.

"I hated myself on Geordie Shore," Pattison during her interviewed in front of the other camp mates.

"I hated the person that I ended up becoming and I have no one to blame but myself."

Through tears, Pattison also revealed her biggest regret: having sex on camera.

"I allowed myself to be caught up in something and become a version of myself I wasn't proud of.

"I'm quite a prude actually. I never slept around, I was never that girl… In the second series, I got into quite a volatile and toxic relationship and I ended up sleeping with that person who I was engaged to at the time.. I didn't feel comfortable with the situation, it didn't feel right.

[My mother] never really forgave [me] I don't think. And she was very disappointed in me - quite rightly. I've got nobody to blame for that but myself."

Pattison said she and her mother have worked to rectify their relationship in recent years, and she's managed to move on from the stigma of the notoriously outrageous reality television show.

Explaining how every night the stars of the show drank to excess and partied heavily, Pattison revealed they faced a lot of pressure to constantly outdo the "outrageousness" of the night before.

"Say you had five Jaegerbombs and kissed someone you shouldn't have on a Tuesday in series one - by series two on Wednesday, you're going to be expected to have 10 Jaegerbombs, have sex with someone and have a huge argument and trash the house. It's an escalation," she explained.

SOURCE: Newshub.