FYI Groot is actually dead and Baby Groot is his son says Director

scandal 01/03/2018

Don't worry, we're feeling personally attacked by this too...

Remember back to the Scene in Gaurdian's of The Galaxy (Spoiler alert if you haven't seen it) when Groot turned himself into a giant ball to save everyone, only to be killed in the process? But then they found Baby Groot and we were all like 'YAY! he's still alive!' 

Well, turns out no. OG Groot did die after all...

During a convo on Twitter about whether you'd save baby groot or a porg from Star Wars, James Gunn decided to shatter everyone's world and drop the bombshell that Groot actually died:

Ofcourse everyone on Twitter took awhile to accept that fact, we are still coming to terms with it now, but James didnt stop there: