flights around NZ are being cancelled thanks to Cyclone Gita

scandal 20/02/2018

FYI If you're meant to be catching a flight today...

The worst of Cyclone Gita is expected to hit parts of NZ this afternoon turning rush hour to chaos and forcing evacuations.

In preperation for the cyclone, Air NZ has announced all flights in and out of Wellington from 2:45pm through to midnight on Tuesday are going to be cancelled due to severe weather in the capital.

Flights are also cancelled in and out of the following airports for the rest of the day:

  • Hokitika

  • Nelson (from midday onwards)

  • New Plymouth (from 11.00am onwards)

  • Queenstown

A spokesman for Wellington Airport has also said while speaking with Stuff:

Weather is expected to worsen this afternoon so travellers are encouraged to continue to check their flight status with their airline or our flight information

SOURCE: Newshub.