Cadbury causes uproar after they tell fans how to correctly pronounce "Creme Egg"


Cadbury UK has caused internet uproar after incorrectly telling customers the pronunciation for the "creme" in Creme Egg is "crem".

On Tuesday Birmingham user Shawna Leigh tweeted to the sweet maker  to ask if it should be pronounced "cream" or "crem".

Cadbury then responded to say the correct pronunciation was "crem".

Twitter users quickly began to panic, with many failing to see how the word "creme" could be pronounced "crem".

The tweet was deleted soon afterward and replaced by another saying it was pronounced "cream", but the damage was done.

Twitter users who had a screenshot of the original reply called out the chocolate maker on the change of mind.

However the chocolate maker blamed the error on a typo, saying the original tweet missed the a in "cream".

"Eggscellent spot from @mrdanwalker our brains were a little fried from all the Creme Egg Camp eggscitement," a spokesperson wrote.