Black Mirror dating site will show you your relationship's expiry date

scandal 16/02/2018

How long do you and your partner have left together?

If you havn't watched the new series of Black Mirror on Netflix yet then you need to get onto it ASAP. 

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If you have though, you'll remember the episode 'Hang The DJ' all about Frank and Amy. The episode focussed on a futuristic dating app that takes Tinder to the next level by showing you how long you've got to take someone which can be anywhere from 12 hours to 12 years....

Well now you can live out this Black Mirror episode for yourself! (And let's just say we'd much rather this ep than living out the first episode in Season 1...)

The new site, inspired by 'Hang The DJ', called, is pretty simple to use. The site, which looks like the same device used in the episode, starts out by asking you to 'trust in the system' and then gives you a link to send to your partner.

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Once they've clicked on the link you can find how much longer you two have together but be quick, if you both don't click the link within a certain time, you'll see your expire date moved closer, and closer. 

The good news is that unlike the episode, you still have free will! but hey, we've always wanted to see into the future since That's So Raven, so we'll be sure to give this a go!