Best sex position based on your Zodiac Sign


If you're looking to spice things up in the bedroom, this might just be able to help all thanks to POPSUGAR.

We say might because we couldn't stop laughing while reading this but hey, if you and your partner are looking to try something new, you've definitely come to the right place.

Because your Star Sign usually knows you better than you do, POPSUGAR caught up with Astrologer Valerie Mesa, to find out what sex position is best for you based on your sign.


The best sex position for Aries: The Rockin' Rollercoaster.

Valerie says "Competitive at heart, Aries will stop at nothing to make sure their partner is fully satisfied. In fact, they will go out of their way to have them coming back for more,"

How to do it: For the girl, while lying on your back, bend your knees like you're on a bike. At the same time, for the guy, stand on the edge of your bed, grab her ankles, and get to it. 


The best sex position for Taurus: The Snuggle Lovin'.

Valerie says this position is all about the romance, "Sex with a Taurus is long, slow, and incredibly sensual,".

How to do it: This one's pretty straight forward but will definitely do the job. While lying in bed, this position is all eachother spooning and giving lots of kisses. 


The best sex position for Gemini: The Curious Cat.

If you're use to feeling like laughing sometimes in bed, you're not alone. Valerie says this position is best because "Curious and childlike, some Geminis even giggle during sex,".

How to do it: Another straight forward position, you're both standing while going at things from behind.


The best sex position for Cancer: The Submissive Siren.

We're not going to say what Valerie thinks about you Cancer's because tbh, it's really full on. If you want to found out though, you can read it on POPSUGAR, but simply, Cancer's love a late night snuggle.

How to do it: One partner is pretty much doing a handstand while the other, stands behind and when we say behind, we mean behind and lifts the handstander up while they grip the waist with their legs. 


The best sex position for Leo: The Royal F*ck.

Valerie says "Leos pride themselves on their lovemaking skills, so it's no doubt their partners will get the royal treatment"

How to do it: Both partners sit on the bed facing each other. The woman puts her right leg over his left and his right over her left. When they lie down it makes an X.


The best sex position for Virgo: The Devoted Servant.

Valerie says Virgo's like things stable, analytical so this position is exactly what you need to get out of your comfort zone.

How to do it: The man enters her standing up while she perfectly reaches for her toes looking down.


The best sex position for Libra: The Mirror Millionaire.

Apparently Libra's, your first love is your reflection, so "sex in front of the mirror only gets them more turned on," Valerie says.

How to do it: The partner enters from behind as they both face a mirror. 


The best sex position for Scorpio: The Dominant and the Damsel.

Valerie was pretty straight forward while talking about you Scorpio's saying "Scorpios don't make love — they f*ck,"

How to do it: Picture a wheelbarrow, the man sits on the edge of the bed while the girl holds herself up by wrapping her legs around him and putting her hands on the floor. 


The best sex position for Sagittarius: The Kinky Explorer.

We're all her because we want to find something new to giveaway which is why this position is perfect for you Sagittarius's.

How to do it: The spider (woman faces man and they're both sitting), but legs are over his shoulder and he lifts her butt to pull her in. 


The best sex position for Capricorn: The Tantric Tango.

Valerie says it's likely your late night snuggle could turn in to an all night snuggle with Capricorns so this position is exactly what you need to keep the night spontaneous.

How to do it: While both standing, the girl lifts her leg and wraps it around her partners hips and then the party starts.   


The best sex position for Aquarius: Stellar Erotica.

Valerie says "Their sexuality is raw and animalistic, and for them, love is free and sharing is caring,".

How to do it: One partner lies down with their hips slightly raised, and the other partner enters from behind. 


The best sex position for Pisces: The Giver.

Have you watched Fifty Shades? because it's probs a movie you'd like after reading what Valerie thinks of you Pisces on POPSUGAR, so this position definitely is best for you.

How to do it: Doggy style, against a headboard, with hair pulling.