Ashy Bines criticised for targeting children


Australian Instagram star Ashy Bines has come under fire for attempting to teach children as young as 12-months-old about health, exercise and nutrition.

The 29-year-old Gold Coast Australian mother launched "edu-tainment" programme Ashy and Friends, which includes live events and a four-episode cartoon series, targeting children aged 1 to 6 years.

But Aussie eating disorder organisation The Butterfly Foundation have called the programme "problematic", saying it was sending the wrong message to young children.

Chief executive Christine Morgan said Ashy and Friends carried the message of dieting, which was "lose weight, lose weight, lose weight". 

"I would have thought at a young age, for kids, food is about energy in order for them to live their lives - to fuel their little bodies and to fuel their growth," Morgan said.

The Ashy and Friends website said society was becoming "less active, less healthy and more overweight every year", so it was "critical to inspire love of health and fitness in our children". 

"Now, when you're a little person, you think in black and white. You don't think in shades of grey," Morgan told Kidspot.

"You're starting to buy into a whole message that fat is bad and skinny is good and that's absolutely problematic because you can't interpret it at that age."