Woman's reaction to seeing Beyoncé irl was the real winner at Grammys

scandal 30/01/2018

TBH if we ever saw Queen B in person we'd have no idea how to react. Firstly lets be honest, there's no way you're playing it cool and just being like 'oh, hey' becAUSE THAT'S THE BEYONCE RIGHT F**KN THERE!

If we had to take a guess as to what we'd look like though, it'd be a lot like this woman.

At this year's Grammys their was one big winner and no, it wasn't for 'Best Album' or 'Best New Artist', it was for 'Best Meme From The Night'.

Before being told to 'chill' by Blue Ivy at the awards, Beyonce showed off her Grammys outfit on Insta with a series of photos:

One of the photos though stood out more than the rest. While Bey and Jay Z were walking down a corridor, they managed to capture a woman's reaction so perfect, it'll from now on be knowing as the 'Beyonce Effect'.

Ofcourse when you capture a moment so pure, it takes on the life of it's own and even though the photo was only posted yesterday, it's quickly becoming one of our favourite memes: