We can't get enough of Hugh Jackman's losing face at the Golden Globes

scandal 09/01/2018

Get ready to see memes of this everywhere. 

Yesterday was the 75th Golden Globes and it was a night we'll remember for a few reasons. Not only because the world and stars came together with #TimesUp but because Hugh Jackman gave us one of the most geniune reactions we've ever seen.

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Hugh was up for 'Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical or Comedy' for his role at P.T Burnam in the new film 'The Greatest Showman'. Also up for the same award was James Franco for his role in The Disaster Artist and when it came down to who the winner was, Hugh Jackman's reaction was everything:

Even though the camera was only on Hugh for a couple seconds, it was more than enough time to win the hearts of everyone watching, including us, and for Twitter to go crazy over it:

Hugh hasn't made any comments on his reaction yet but with something as pure as that look he gave, what more does he need to say really.