Watch the Kardashian's super cute reaction to Khloe's baby news on 'KUWTK'

scandal 16/01/2018

It's the episode we've all been waiting for (except for the one where Kylie announces her pregnancy though obvs)

We couldn't have been any more excited when Khloe finally annouced she was pregnant on Insta: 

By 'we' we mainly mean 'Sharyn' as you can see by this video:

But with a family as close as the Kardashians ofcourse we wanted to know how they all reacted to the news and know we finally know how!

The latest episode of KUWTK has just come out and in it we get to see Khloe surprise everyone with her baby news at a family party. Tristan Thompson, the baby daddy, started the convo off by saying:

"I think it's perfect timing that my family's here and all your family's here to unite as one,"and we have an announcement. KoKo, wanna throw the hammer down?'

Which she simply replied with "We're having a baby!"

Kylie and Kendall weren't at the BBQ but that didn't stop them from finding out. The rest of the fam FaceTimed them and Kylie couldn't have been more excited saying:

Stop! Are you kidding because I'm going to cry?! I'm so happy for you! And Tristan!