Too hot to sleep? Give this easy fan hack a try


First of all, who thought we'd ever be complaining that it was too hot...

One of the struggles this Summer has been trying to stop yourself from waking up in a pool of sweat each morning, which we may or may not be failing at so far.

If you're one of the lucky few to have bought a fan before they all sold out, we might've found a simply trick to help cool your room down even more than it is.

Palmerston North eco design adviser, Nelson Lebo, was the genius behind this fan hack and no, it's not to just stick a bag of ice infront of your fan (even though we'd defs been up for that too).

Instead, he's simply said 'Turn your fan around'.

"It really is the best, low-cost, highly effective technique to keep a home cool, but it is virtually unknown in New Zealand"

And it really is that simple. Point your fan out the window, that way it'll blow the hot air out, and open a window on the shady side of your house to draw the cool air in. 

So instead of being like this each night this summer:

Give this hack a try and instead, you canbe cool and comfy like this:

SOURCE: Stuff.