Today is the most common day to discover you're pregnant


More women will find out they're pregnant today than any other day in the year, a study has found. 

17th January - dubbed 'Discovery Day' comes just over two weeks since 2 January - apparently the most common day of the year for couples to conceive.

According to a study conducted by parenting site, more than 10,000 women will take a test today and find out they're expecting.

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The report has also found that modern mums are increasingly breaking with the tradition of keeping their pregnancies schtum until the 12-week mark. Less than 30% of mums keep their news quiet, with one third telling friends and family as soon as they find out. 45% of mums post their scan picture on social media. 

Do you reckon today your partner might have something to tell you or you're about to find out something about youtself!? 😂

We just all hope we can pull off pregnancy like Beyonce, right?