This is Pornhub's most searched term by women & we're 100% creeped out

trending 15/01/2018

Pornhub's released their stats for 2017 and we've learn't a few things:

1) Lesbian was NZ's most viewed category.
2) Woman are watching porn more than ever.
3) The most searched term from women has creeped us the f**k out.

The new stats showed the number one searched term by women in America on porn site X-Hamster was 'Stepdad and daughter' followed by 'Daddy'. The report also showed that women are 96% more likely to search for Dad/Daddy compared to men. 

"We also found confirmation that 'dad bod' is indeed sexy, along with 'black daddy,' 'big daddy' and 'hairy daddy.' Even 'DILF' (the dad equivalent of MILF) makes an appearance, along with 'call me daddy' and 'daddys little princess."

Along with that info the site also found that more people voted on their videos than people voted in the US Presidential election with Donald Trump - a term woman definitely are not searching for. 

The top trending searches for 2017 all up were 'Porn for Women', 'Rick and Morty', and...are you ready for this? Fidget Spinners...WTF?