This fan had the funniest reaction to seeing Shawn Mendes on their flight

scandal 10/01/2018

We can't stop laughing at this!

It's hard to imagine how we'd react running into a celeb in public, you can either freak out and confess your love for them, play it cool and figure out if it's actually them first (except don't get caught googling them like Cole Sprouse did with this fan) or do what This fan did with Shawn Mendes.

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While most celebs fly first class, Shawn Mendes is a man of the people, he's not about that buisness class life, no, on this flight he flew economy which he probably regretted after seeing this video.

Twitter user 'Shawn Mendes Updates' Uploaded a video showing Shawn sitting next to a woman on a plane with his headphones on and as this fan walked past to their seat, they couldn't help but whisper "Shawn Mendes"...

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Since Shawn had his headphones in he didn't hear what the fan said but no doubt if he did, he wouldn't be able to stop laughing just like us.