The reason why some people are left-handed according to science

trending 11/01/2018

Well, now we know what seperates the righties from the lefties and apparently it has nothing to do with your brain.

It's a hard life being a leftie, the constant ink stain on your hand from writing, playing sports was always an interesting time, and trying to use scissors - righties don't even ask us why.

about 10% of the worlds population is left handed but the question is....why? what makes you either right or left handed? We've always been told it could have something to do with how old your mum was when you were born, or something to do with the way your brain works but apparently it's something completely different.

New research have looked into other medical reasons and looks like it comes down to your spinal chord.

In humans, asymmetric gene expression in the fetal cortex has been suggested as the molecular basis of handedness. However, human fetuses already show considerable asymmetries in arm movements before the motor cortex is functionally linked to the spinal cord, making it more likely that spinal gene expression asymmetries form the molecular basis of handedness

If you stuggled to read through that then don't worry, so did we. But when you break down those big words it means before a baby in the womb attaches its motor cortex to the spine, it's already decided if you're going to part of the 10% of lefties or not.

SOURCE: Cosmopolitan