This 5k pizza run lets you stop for a slice at each checkpoint

trending 11/01/2018

Where do we sign up!?

We've always stuggled with the term 'Fun Run' because, we mean runninging's great, just ask Dom, you're being active and we're sure it's great for other reason but 'Fun'? don't know if that's what we'd call it BUT do you know what would make it fun? Pizza, that's what.

America and now the UK have both caught on to this genius way of making running something we'd actually enjoy doing (instead of crying instead while we on the treadmill like we do now).

In April and May this year the Pizza Run will be making it's way around the UK and it's pretty straight forward, you run 5k's and have to finish 2 slices of pizza before reaching the finish line and if there's one thing we're good at, it's smashing back slices of pizza.

And if that wasn't enough there's also an after party after each race which there will definitely be pizza at too. The race costs £20 but when you think about it, scrape your gym membership and join this instead (atleast that way you've got an excuse to eat some pizza while working out!).