There's a sad reason that people no longer want black cats


Black cats are less likely to be adopted when compared to others but they still need their forever homes!

There are various reasons why black cats struggle to be rehomed with many people still associating them with witchcraft and bad luck.

Others may just see them as a little 'boring' as other cats have markings and patterns.

Now a cat rehoming shelter has said the real reason black cats don’t get rehomed is because people don’t think they look good in selfies and photograph badly.

Take a rehoming centre in Bristol as an example - for the first time all of the shelter’s 40 felines are black but no one wants to adopt them.

The owner Christine said:

"It’s worse now because black cats don’t show up in selfies. Now everybody wants to take selfies and put them on Facebook. It’s a very narcissistic use of social media.

It happens all the time, I will go through all the questions and say ‘are you flexible about colour?’ Then they will say, ‘yes, as long as it’s not black.’

It’s an increasing problem, it wasn’t like this 20 years ago.

Over 20 years of having difficulty rehoming black cats, it’s definitely got harder because of selfies."

It's a common theme as rescue centres in many places agree that black cats are much less likely to be adopted.

It's very sad that photos may well be the thing holding these kitties back from their new homes :(