There are secret Netflix codes you can use to access your fave stuff


OK we're so here for any Netflix hack.

Browsing Netflix can be both and annoying (there's a LOT of stuff on there right!?) This is where Netflix codes come in handy. They are here to open up a lot more genres for ya!

Acording to Yahoo, the codes ONLY work through an internet browser (not in the app). 

All you have to do is log in to your account, then type in: .

BUT, instead of typing XXXX you need to type in a specific code before pressing enter, to get to the secret libraries!

The codes get crazily specific... seriously, read the full list...there's some crazy shit going on in there! 

Here are some of the codes:

3284 - Western Movies Starring Clint Eastwood.

3722 - Visually-striking Crime Thrillers.

8195 - B-Horror Movies.

4961 - Dramas based on books. 

9299 - Teen Dramas. 

3885 - Campy late night comedies.

943 - Feel Good Comedy. 

67673 - Disney films. 

That's just giving you a taste! There's a full list of codes and it's insane! Check them out HERE