The real reason why 'Black Mirror' is called 'Black Mirror'

trending 12/01/2018

This is pretty mindblowing... 

The Netflix original is based in the near future where technology has advanced in the worst possible way... So while you were probably curled up on your couch, staring at your phone wondering if it was going to kill you, people have been analysing where the show got it's eerie name.

Considering the dark content of the show, it's expected that it would have a deep and meaningful reason behind its name.

Some viewers have guessed that it was supposed to represent a dark reflection of today's society.

But the reason is even more literal than that...

The shows name is inspired by your phone, your computer or your tablet's screen when it's switched off. What does it become? A black mirror.

The internet totally freaked out about it too...

Happy watching!