The big change coming to Love Island in 2018

scandal 11/01/2018

Who already can't wait for the next season of Love Island!?

2017 had a lot of great of shows but without a doubt one of our favs had to be Love Island. 

The only thing that was missing from the show was some love for the LGBT community but luckily that's all about to change in 2018. This week a show insider told the Daily Star that for the next season the show is looking to include LGBT people:

Love Island was undoubtedly the biggest reality show this year, it had everyone talking. Even people who weren’t watching the show still heard about it.

The main thing they came under fire for was sex on TV, which people have now started to accept, so come next series, people won’t really care about that.

ITV want to increase the shock factor of the show and keep people talking, by having LGBT people included.

Love Island hasn't yet announced when season 4 will be starting this year but we already can't wait!