Stealing your partner's hoodie is good for your health says science

trending 11/01/2018

Show this to your partner next time they ask why you're always wearing their clothes...

Unless you're Donald Trump, you can't really not believe in/ignore science, and this latest discovery is something we definitely don't want to ignore. 

It's been a struggle boyfriends have faced for centuries. Since the dawn of man, boyfriends have always gone to get their favourite hoodie out of the wardrobe but wait... where is it?

On your girlfriend, that's where. But a new study from the University of British Columbia has found wearing your partners hoodie is actually good for your health. 

The study found that not only is wearing your partners clothes great because they're comfy asf, but it's also good for your health as the smell from a significant other can help combat stress!

The study put couples through a 'stress test' where the partners had to smell each others clothes which, as disgusting as it sounds, had a very postive effect.

They found that the smell helped reduce their cortisol levels (the stress hormone) as well as helping reduce anxiety.

So no more complaining when your partner steals your clothes and next time, as well as putting on that hoodie, make sure to give them a big sniff too!