Sharyn’s amazingly great 5 TV shows you need to binge right now


Why hello there to you and your beautiful internet article reading eyes, My name is Sharyn, usually my annoying to some voice is on the afternoon show with Jono and Ben but I’m off on maternity leave at the moment cause I had a kid and holy sh*t guys, the world is different!

Gone are my brunches, gym sessions, boozy nights with friends, weekend adventures - All totally worth missing to hang with my rad little dude Tyson but what does one fill the tedious times of expressing and breastfeeding in the middle of the night? The same thing your hungover ass is doing - Watching ALOT of Netflix, Lightbox and Neon OH MY!

I decided to compile a list of the best 5 shows I’ve gotten amongst incase you’re in need of some TV binge inspo.

1. Shameless US (Netflix)

HOLY F'N S! People had told me for years “Sharyn you should watch Shameless, you’ll love it” but then I saw it had 7 seasons and I thought I didn’t have the emotional commitment to binge that many seasons - BOY WAS I WRONG.

Just before Christmas Shameless became my only option, starring William H Macy, Emmy Rossum and a sh*t ton of other amazing actors, Shameless has become - this is a big call. MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW.

It’s so good, I literally spend every spare second watching it, full of great storylines, incredible acting and twists and turns galore, Shameless US is where it’s at ya big B.

2. The Good Place (Netflix)

Kristen Bell aka Veronica Mars aka Anna from Frozen aka Sloth lover is one of my fave actresses, anything she’s in I wanna see it and I want a fan T shirt saying how much I love it.

The Good Place is about a badass who dies and goes to heaven AKA the Good Place which is run by Ted Danson - YES the hot AF old dude from Cheers, who’s aged very well may I add, if you were gonna pash up an almost elderly man in a fine looking suit, it’d probably be Ted Danson. The Good Place has a variety of hilarious characters and the character to watch is Tahani who is so funny and great on the gram too.

3. The Sinner (Netflix)

Ok, I haven’t watched the Sinner cause I’m a pussy and everyone keeps telling me I’d not be able to watch it, but it’s apparently amazing and I wanted you to think I was cool so I put it on my list.

4. Sex and The City (Neon)

OH SHOOSH YOUR JUDGEMENTAL MOUTH, I knowwwww Sex and the City isn’t anything new, but it’s a classic and you can binge all of the seasons on Neon from the beginning and the best part of rewatching such a classic is you can figure out at this current stage of your life if you’re a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte - Currently though I badly wish to be as cool as Carrie Bradshaw I know I’m bloody Charlotte and her annoying paranoid self.

Also if you’ve never watched SATC - SHAMMMME ON YOU, SHAMMMME!

5. The Mindy Project (Lightbox)

Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal, Guy Williams got me her book for my birthday once and said how she reminded him of me - I read it and realised it was because we’re both borderline cray cray, was offended for 10mins and then realised how cool she was and took it as a compliment.

The Mindy project is an emotional rollarcoaster that has you laughing, relating, loving and then CRYING YOUR EYES OUT HAVING DREAMS THAT DANNY CASTELANO IS YOUR SOUL MATE all in one 23min episode - I do admit towards the end it gets a bit shit but the final season will have you cheering.

So there you go, That’s my list of cool shows that I think are cool, that I hope you think are cool too.

I’m gonna go feed my baby now & If I’m honest, probably get fire trucked by him on the change table - SERIOUSLY WHY DO BABIES WAIT TILL THEIR NAPPY IS OFF AND THEN PISS ON YOU??? So many questions.