Sharyn's honest thoughts on the first three weeks of being a mum


This post originally appeared on Sharyn's blog:

Holy shit balls, I am someone’s MUM. I say holy shit balls 
a) It’s still a shock 
b) Boy babies manage to shit and it sometimes goes all over their balls. Something this Mum was NOT prepared for. 

3 weeks ago Bryce and I’s wee boy Tyson Lloyd Casey arrived and life has not been the same since - In an amazing way and also a “Will I ever sleep again” way. He’s bloody awesome and the perfect 4th member of the best friends club that also includes Bryce, our dog Warren and I.

I don’t think anything can prepare you for being someone’s parent, it’s both the most relentless and hardest thing I’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding and coolest thing I’ve ever done. We’re only 3 weeks into it but I thought I’d share some of the things we’ve learnt so far:

The Baby blues are a real thing.
Mine didn’t really hit until we came home, I think I was in a trance of adrenaline from having to be put under for a c-section, the fact we finally had a baby, when we got home I’d just have moments through the day of crying for no reason, my neighbour asked me how I was and I cried at the rubbish bin, the good news is that they do most of the time pass (if they last longer than 2 weeks though then check in with your midwife or GP) 

Things that really helped my baby blues was giving myself an achievable goal everyday - Having a shower and putting my skin care on. That was it. At some point during the day I get that 15 mins and it is BLISS. 
I also set up little things to make me feel good - nice smelling hand soap because you wash your hands ALL THE TIME, a nice hand cream to pop on, colourful maternity bras so you feel a little bit hot, your fave chocolate in the fridge, having your fave take aways on Friday night - Just little things that would be sunshine when you were crying for no reason at all & feeling frustrated for crying. 

No question is a stupid question.
Our Midwife Denise and our OB Ammar are AMAZING, I have literally asked them what I thought were the stupidest questions ever but they always answer them without judgement & I’m always so glad I asked. Now I have a list on my phone that Bryce and I add questions to and when we see them we go through the list - Seriously the things I’ve asked Denise are sometimes hilarious but hey if you don’t ask you don’t know. 
Also if your mates have had babies, Punish them with questions too haha the amount of texts I’ve sent that instantly make me feel better than I’m not the only one is the best. 

Take the time to intro your pets properly. 
We had Mum take home a onesie or swaddle each night for our dog Warren to sniff, when we came home I went in first because I hadn’t seen her for 5 days and then put her on her leash while Bryce bought Tyson in the capsule and we let her sniff his feet. We also make sure to praise Warren alot, make sure she gets a walk, give her a wee pat when the baby is down so she knows she’s still important and so far she’s been a smitten wee pup 

Make sure you’re eating enough to keep the engine running, have wee snacks in the pantry good to go and it’s so punishing when people say it all the time but do try to sleep or at least relax when the baby is hopefully sleeping, it makes all the difference to both of you. 

Mum and Dad always win in the end. 
When they cry and cry, feed and feed, then you cry cause you’re tired and you don’t know what else to do just remember at some point the baby will give in and you will win. Then they’ll do something cute and you’ll forget it even happened. 

That’s pretty much all that I know, I don’t pretend it’s easy, I don’t pretend to know what the F i’m talking about because I’m literally learning every single hour and am in no means a pro mama at all, but those are the things that I found helpful and wanted to share them with you aswell :) 

Love your face xx