OMG: Riverdale is doing a Musical episode based on this horror movie

scandal 26/01/2018

Not like you needed another reason to love Riverdale but if you did, then do we have some news for you!

We're use to seeing alot of music throughout Riverdale but the show's gone and taking things to the next level with a full on musical episode.

Airing in April, the show will feature an episode all about Riverdale High's production of Stephen King's classic horror Carrie: The Musical. 

Incase you've never seen Carrie, here's a little taste:

This week Madelaine Petsch a.k.a Cherly Blossom gave us our first look at the musical ep showing who each of the cast are playing:

According to Variety, we can expect 11 musical numbers in the ep and, as you can see, we're not the only ones excited about that news: