Rare photos of 22 y/o Kris Jenner have been released and she looked just like Kendall

scandal 11/01/2018

Looks like Kendall wasn't the only one in her fam that wanted to become a famous model...

Long before Kim and Kanye, even before the Kardashian's ruled the world, Kris Jenner was just a young 22 year old, yeah we find it hard not picturing her as the mum we all know and love too.

But back in 1977, a year before Kris married Robert Kardashian, she posed for a set of photos in hopes of becoming a model. Until now the photos had never been seen but this year Alfred Garcia, Kris's boyfriend at the time who shot the photos, were released exclusive to DailyMail, which you can see here, and we can't believe how much she looked like Kendall!

Even though Kris looked gorgeous to us in the photos, Alfred told the the DailyMail she 'would not have made it as a real model'

She was tall, and she had bigger bones, but she really didn't have the model look

While showing of the photos for the world, The DailyMail managed to rightfully annoyed Kim Kardashian when they described Kris in the photos as 'a chubby-faced store clerk and junior flight attendant' which Kim was having none of: