Playboy's put a transgender model on their cover for first time ever

scandal 11/01/2018

How great is this!

With Australia having just made same-sex marriage legal, and now this, the world's definitely becoming a better place to live in. 

for the first time ever, the German edition of Playboy magazine has featured a transgender Model on their cover. 

21 year old, Giuliana Farfalla is already well know in Germany after appearing in their version of 'America's Next Topmodel' last year.  

The editor of the magizine, Florian Boitin, said having Giuliana on the cover was something Hugh Hefner would have 100% been saying:

the inclusion of Giuliana was in line with Hugh Hefner’s tradition of being ‘resolutely opposed [to] any form of exclusion and intolerance

Boitin also said featuring Giuliana was "a beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination is".

While she is the first to be on the cover, Giuliana isn't the first transgender model to feature in a Playboy magazine. Last year Ines Rau was included in the magazine and the first ever transgender playmate, Caroline Cossey, posed in 1981, just before she appeared in the James Bond film 'For Your Eyes Only'.

2018's had a pretty great start after this!