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Michelle Obama shares what was in that Tiffany box from Melania Trump

scandal 01/02/2018

During her first TV interview since leaving the White House, Michelle Obama has finally told us what was in that Tiffany box that Melania Trump weirdly gave her during the inauguration.

During an interview that was taped this week for The Ellen Show, Michelle said she was very surprised to even get a gift because "there's all this protocol" — protocol which does not specify presents, flowers, or even a pot luck.

"Never before do you get a gift, so I’m sort of like 'OK. What am I supposed to do with this gift?'" Michelle explained. "And everyone cleared out and no one would come and take the box. And I’m thinking do we take the picture with (it)? ... No staff, no one. I was like, what do you do with the box?"


And it turns out the gift wasn't anything anybody really guessed. No tax returns, no 'help me' notes. But it's also so... obvious, actually it will make you make the face she did when she received the gift.

Instead, it was a simple picture frame. Yep. That’s it.

Michelle described it as “lovely,” but didn’t confirm whether she's actually put it to use in her home.