Lewis Road Creamery have just released a brand new breakfast drink!

scandal 30/01/2018

We need to try this ASAP!

Lewis Road Creamery have just added two more drinks to their already amazing (and tastey) range of treats and tbh, we couldn't be anymore excited.

This morning Lewis Road Creamery revealed to the world the new Breakfast Drinks they've been working on.

We'll be first to admit we're guilty of skipping out on breakfast in the mornings because we've got an early morning start (or maybe because we forgot to set our alarms...for the third time this week).

But now we've got these to pick up on the way to work with Lewis Road Creamery founder, Peter Cullinane, saying:

We wanted to produce a wholesome product for people on the go,

The new Breakfast Drinks, available in chocolate or vanilla, have scored themselves a full 5 stars of the Health Star Rating.

The drinks will only set you back $2.99 and can are going to be out from tomorrow in all major supermarkets. So who else is keen to try one!?