KFC have created alcoholic cocktail recipes infused with their iconic gravy

trending 19/01/2018

Now don't get us wrong, we love everything about KFC. Popcorn Chicken? YUM, extra seasoning on your chips? YUM, Gravy in your cocktail? YU-UUM?

For a new campaign in the UK and Ireland, KFC has created their own cocktails which at first sound great, who's going to say no to getting lit at KFC, untill you realise the cocktails are all infused with their gravy sauce. 

Even though this sounds like an idea some uni students had late one night, these cocktails have been created by an 'expert mixologist' named 'Patrick'.

The different cocktails, which all play on classic flavours, are called:

'The Gravy Mary'
A gravy spiked bloody mary which is also garnished with some of their popcorn chicken.  

'The Southern Twist'
If you love Kentucky this if a recipe for you to try because not only does it have KFC's gravy but also Kentucky bourbon.

'The Fingerlickin' Sour'
Filled with lemon, orange marmalade, cherry liqeur, egg whites and, ofcourse, KFC Gravy.

Even though KFC's taken the time to make these recipes for us, they aren't going to be selling them in stores so don't expect to see a bar pop up next to the their Krusher maker anytime soon. Instead they've released the above videos plus the full recipes her for you to enjoy at home (after going through Drive-Thru ofcourse).