Is this baby cot outside Kylie Jenner's house proof she's pregnant after all?

scandal 18/01/2018

Welcome back to the never ending circle of 'Is Kylie pregnant? What no she's not...hold on, is she?'

Even though Kim's just had her third child and Khloe's not long announced she's pregnant, there's still been no word from Kylie about her pregnancy rumours. 

Some thought she was Kim's secret surrogate, others think she isn't pregnant, and then there are some that think she's still expecting (especially after this photo).

The photo was snapped outside Kylie's house in Calabasses earlier today showing a baby cot being assemble (which can we just say looks twice the size of the bed we've got at home).

Considering what we said about Kim and Khloe though, the cot could be getting set up for when one of them bring their bubbas over for a movie night or she's getting her baby room ready, we mean at this point who tf actually knows.

Surely this constant is 'she/isn't' she has to end soon though so hopefully with everyone else's baby news out of the way, Kris Jenner will decide it's time to start the family's next storyline about Kylie.