Guy emails EVERY Claudia at his uni to find the one he swiped left on

trending 23/01/2018

That is some major commitment right there (even if it is a little creepy).

Whether it's because you got distracted, or you weren't paying enough attention, we've all had that instant reject of swiping left for atleast one person on Tinder.

Usually you'd you move on and get back to your right swiping ways, but that wasn't the case for one student at Missouri State Uni.

Hayden Moll was busy swiping when he came across another student from his uni, Claudia, on Tinder:

But Hayden made a rookie error, instead of swiping right and having a chance at finding the love of his life, he swiped left, never to see of Claudia again.

That wasn't an option for Hayden though. He instantly realised the mistake he made and how much he liked Claudia. To try and fix his mistake, knowing she went to the same uni as him, Hayden emailed every single girl  at his school (which has 26,000 students) called Claudia in hopes of finding her.

The email Hayden sent out said "Hello all Claudia's (sic) of Missouri State, I made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on Claudia's profile (left is bad) and I really wanted to swipe right".

Luckily for Hayden, his plan worked! after introducing himself to all the Claudia's at his uni, he managed to find the right Claudia and she shared the story for the whole world to enjoy:

Claudia hasn't said if she replied to the email or if Hayden's earnt himself a date after all that hardwork but if this ever happens to you, we'd probable suggest spending some $$$ and upgrade your tinder account so you can just go back and re-swipe.