Fitness guru Ashy Bines in trouble after using suicide hashtag

scandal 17/01/2018

Fitness queen Ashy Bines has found herself in the middle of another social media storm after she used the suicide awareness hashtag #DoItForDolly in response to a seemingly unrelated discussion about a range of her products.

The #DoItForDolly hashtag was created by the parents of Northern Territory teen Amy “Dolly” Everett who took her own life earlier this month after experiencing a barrage of cyber-bullying. The hashtag is intended to raise awareness of bullying, anxiety, depression, and youth suicide.

However, Ms Bines used the hashtag after several followers discussed the rebranding of the company's treats on social media.

Ms Bines apparently took offence to the comments, replying: “Not sure what your comments are implying? If you don’t like them that’s OK no need to comment. #doitfordolly” and “What’s with the hate girls? Spread LOVE. #doitfordolly”

The comments lead to an outpouring of outrage from followers who accused Ashy Bines of using Dolly’s tragic suicide as an opportunity to “play the victim”.

Others accused the Gold Coast mother-of-one of trying to silence legitimate feedback and criticism by “exploiting” the anti-bullying message behind the hashtag.

Her use of the hashtag was variously slammed as “vile”, “beyond wrong” and an “all time low” by shocked social media followers, who felt the comments had “disrespected” Dolly’s memory.