fans think Kim Kardashian was replaced with a lookalike in new photos

scandal 25/01/2018

While we were all busy looking at Kylie in the new Calvin Klein photos, others were busy looking at one of the other sisters.

Earlier this week the Kardashian sisters were all together in the new campaign for Calvin Klein:

At first look the only thing that got us talking was the fact Kylie completely covered up her stomach fueling the rumours about her being pregnant.

But now we're seeing people who geniunely think Kim was replaced by a look a like in the shoot.

While Kim, to us, looks like her self for the majority of the campaign, there's one photo in particular fans are talking about:

See what they're talking about?

How about now?

We'll be the first to admit that doesn't really look like Kim we're use to seeing but to us, that could just be because someone's gone abit to hard on the photoshop but others on Twitter don't feel the same way: