Dakota Johnson's reaction to Angelina Jolie ignoring Jennifer Aniston is too perfect

scandal 09/01/2018

Dakota Johnson was literally all of us at this year's Golden Globes yesterday.

There was one reunion we were waiting for at the Golden Globes and that was Jennifer Anniston & Angelina Jolie. If you're unsure as to why then honey, have you missed out on some things.

After Brad Pitt left Jen for Angelina back in 2005, the world couldn't help but think there had to be drama between the two and the fact that they havn't been in the same room as each other since 2015, everyone couldn't wait to see them together at the Golden Globes:

So where does Dakota Johnson come into all of this? Well, while Jen was on stage giving a speech, She had her eye's locked on Angelina waiting for her reaction like:


Don't get us wrong, we know Angelina probably was only looking down to eat her food but we can't get over how perfect Dakota's reaction is in this photo. 

Plus let's not ignore Taika Waititi in the photo who looks like he's got no idea of the iconic moment going on it that moment.  

SOURCE: Buzzfeed