Couple rents out KFC for their dream wedding reception

scandal 25/01/2018

Wedding Cake and wicket wings, that's the best combo meal we've heard of.

You knew as a kid you were going to a lit asf birthday party when your invite said it was going to be at McDonald's. The adult aequivlent of that feeling is when you're friends say 'wanna go get some KFC' especially that morning after a big night out.

But as much as we love KFC, we've never thought about taking things to the next reception at KFC.

That was the case for one couple on the UK though. Cherish and Edward Simms loved the Colonel's chicken so much, they decided to celebrate their special day at KFC with their 40 wedding guests.

It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun. We love eating chicken and chips and we probably order food from there around once a week," Cherish said.

Apparently it wasn't even that difficult to organise the venue:

We got in touch with the manager, who thought it was a bit strange, but was willing to give it a go for us

And if that wasn't good enough, the whole reception only set the couple back £100 ($194 NZD). So if you're busy trying to decide which venue to choose for your big day, just give your local KFC a ring instead!