Charlotte Crosby responds to the birth of Gaz's baby on Twitter

scandal 16/01/2018

Charlotte Crosby has put aside feelings from the past to congratulate Gary Beadle and his partner Emma McVey on the birth of their son, after Gaz announced the news on Twitter.

Minutes after the pair welcomed their baby into the world, like fellow castmate Sophie Kasaei, Charlotte tweeted her best wishes to the couple.

"Congratulations to you both GazGShore Emma_mcvey_ ," she posted, along with a baby emoji.

Gary wrote straight back a simple, "Thank you".

We imagine how hard it would have been for Charlotte to post those six words, given the tricky romantic history between her and Gaz - which ended when she suffered from an ectopic pregnancy days after he jetted off to film Ex On The Beach.

Charlotte was left in agony in April 2016 when she was rushed to hospital with severe cramps and heavy bleeding, experiencing so much pain she couldn't even walk.

The foetus had torn open her fallopian tube and she was bleeding internally as a result, prompting emergency surgery to remove the pregnancy tissue and the damaged tube.

Charlotte wasn't even able to speak to Gary, who at that point was in Thailand, until after the operation.

She claims he told her they could try again, revealing to heat magazine at the time: "He said: 'I don't care how many fallopian tubes you've got.' He was saying stupid things, like, 'I'll make sure I have sex with you as much as I can to get you pregnant."

But when she found out that Gaz had slept with multiple women from Ex On The Beach, she decided to never speak to him again. 

Although over a year had passed since the trauma of her pregnancy, Charlotte was still rocked when Gary and Emma announced they were expecting in August 2017.

She was being interviewed live on TV channel Ireland AM when she broke down in tears after being gently questioned over her "rough" week.

"Honestly I get so overwhelmed by all the support, it actually gets me a bit emotional. I've gotten so many nice messages over the past couple of days," she said, bursting into tears.

"Not only that [Gary's news] but me and Stephen [Bear] have had some hard times lately as well. I can't even describe how grateful I am for all the support."

Charlotte and Bear split in October.