Bullied teen's heartbreaking texts to mum after being body shamed go viral

scandal 24/01/2018

FFS why is bullying even a thing, with all the movements happeing in 2018, we need to make a change so we never have to read these type of stories again.

The awful moment a US teenager was forced to text her mother to bring a change of clothes to school after being mocked for her size has been shared widely online.

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The student had seen some cruel asf snaps other students had sent to one another making fun of her. One of the snaps was a photo of her legs captioned "thicc".

After seeing snaps like that, how could you not be make to feel shitty and self-consious of the way you look, which is where the heartbreaking texts come in.

"People are making fun of me and taking pictures of me and I wanna change," she texted, with her mother arriving just over 10 minutes later with different clothes.

The images sparked a big response on twitter with most feeling the same way we all are right now: 

SOURCE: Newshub